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    UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance


    Spain Female Posts : 12662
    Join date : 2011-08-14

    UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance Empty UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance

    Post by Gypsy Sun 29 May 2016 - 17:12

    I kept this off FB until it today as it had to go through the courts and I didn’t want to jeopardise my outcome by discussing the details in advance. It’s a long post I’m sorry but I have a valid point.

    On the 27th October, I was travelling home from work to be hit by another car driver to swerved onto my side of the road. The other driver was “distracted” and whilst the Police have not been able to rule out that he was probably on his mobile phone, they could not prove he was either.

    The collision was at a combined speed around 100mph the Police said. It was head on.

    Over 60 emergency service personnel attended the accident where I was cut free from my car and was rushed to Southampton Hospital. I sustained many injuries, some of which I am still dealing with today.

    Of many injuries, my most serious was a broken sternum, three fully broken ribs and multiple rib fractures. I sustained many other injuries which were mainly the result of being crushed and deep tissue and bone trauma.

    On the night, I was told by a fireman that he was surprised I was alive let alone still conscious and I was lucky I was in a “good” car. As you can imagine - this took me out of action for a while. 

    The other driver was also injured, I am lead to believe he lost a limb but I am not totally sure of this. But here is what I do know about him….

    1. He was around 40 years old
    2. He was driving a 2002 Vauxhall Vectra
    3. He had no insurance
    4. He had no MOT
    5. He had no Road Tax
    6. His car had two bald tyres with the cords exposed
    7. He was driving his car on the wrong side of the road and I had no way out of his path.

    He was charged with 4 offences.
    1. Driving without due care and attention
    2. Driving without Insurance
    3. Driving with tyres with cords exposed
    4. Driving without a valid test certificate

    Today he was sentenced. In total he got a £320 fine and 6 points.

    I cannot help but think something is very wrong here. The charge that concerns me most is the Driving without Due Care and Attention. Had he been charged with “Dangerous Driving” he would have received a more serious sentence. Is it just me but if you choose not to tax your car, if you choose not to MOT your car, if you choose not to insure your car and if you choose not to carry out routine maintenance and you still CHOOSE TO DRIVE IT at what point is that no longer CARELESS but DANGEROUS?

    Why is the fine for all of the above still cheaper than many people’s annual insurance bill, and how is this sort of fine any sort of a deterrent? How is this justice? Mark and I really struggled, we had only one income, we had to deal with Christmas and very soon all our savings were gone!

    My friends and family – I BEG OF YOU – check your insurance policies carefully. I thought my insurance covered me for being hit by an uninsured driver, and if I had taken a new policy instead of the renewel I would have been covered, but I was not. This means that the final insult is that this goes on my insurance as a FAULT claim against me.

    I cannot fault our emergency services, medical teams or the Road Traffic Police - they have all been nothing short of incredible and how they do their job every day, when the justice handed out is so pathetic, is beyond me.
    Adam Mint
    Adam Mint

    Scotland Male Posts : 23105
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    Age : 56

    UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance Empty Re: UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance

    Post by Adam Mint Sun 29 May 2016 - 17:38

    £320 fine...

    Annie's been fined £60, £380, and £160 (Total £600) plus 40 hours community service and threatened with a custodial sentence if the offence occurs again,,, and the offence, her youngest shit of a daughter won't go to school,,, Annie even drives her there now to make sure she goes but she just fu#ks off out off class and that's termed as an absence,,, Annie has no control over her but it's Annie who ends up in court...

    Yip British justice,,, shite...

    Angry2 Angry2 Angry2

    England Male Posts : 21279
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    Age : 61
    Location : England

    UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance Empty Re: UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance

    Post by Topdog Sun 29 May 2016 - 23:22

    Probably one of the best and nicest social workers I have ever met was killed in a head on. Country lane guy on wrong side of road on a bend at great speed, tested positive for drugs but not a big deal then, 6 months suspended for 2 years as he lost control on the bend and hit the accelerator instead of brake in panic, yeah bullshit. He got 15 months ban on top.

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    UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance Empty Re: UK Justice Pffft...........- Check your motor insurance

    Post by Sponsored content

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