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    Well, I never knew that!


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    Well, I never knew that!

    Post by Perfectspecimen on Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 2:30

    Being a bit of a boaty type I always watch the program Coast if its on. Last week it was Irish West coast. Gob smacked to see they have RNLI operating out there! Yep, its not just UK. OK, they have coast guards most places but this is called the ROYAL national lifeboat institution. Same boats, same system. But obviously NO politics involved.  
    Just a thought, if UK votes to leave EU would you Irish folks like to join us? After all we do speak the same language..... Unlike them.
    By the way it costs about a quarter of a million quid for a new lifeboat, although the crew and maintainence is all voluntary, and the state dont pay nowt towards a new lifeboat either so, if you have a few bob to spare, please send it to ihaveanewscamrnli.com Cheers. 

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