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    Well, blow me down........


    Liechtenstein Male Posts : 14359
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    Well, blow me down........ Empty Well, blow me down........

    Post by Perfectspecimen Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 1:08

    Sold a 125cc motorbike on ebay before I went to Tenerife. Said he can pick it up on Saturday. Kid had zero feedback and talking on the phone said he was struggling to get money owed to him....... Quite surprised when he actually turned up and took it away. Well, blow me down........ 2419626307  Today bloke walked in the yard looking at boat, how much you want for that? Not quite finished yet I say but about 5K as it is including the trailer thats worth at least a grand I say. He is thinking about it. Well, blow me down........ 294053457 
    Fred thinks he is getting the classic Panda. Silly boy. I reminded him he hasnt paid for the smashed up motorbike or his current car yet and not even the two driving tests I laid out for. Previous owner of Panda had young girls who not only left sticky sweets all over the carpet and cubby holes but decided it was a good idea stick fingers through speakers so Fred says hey dad I have got some big speakers you can put in and some alloy wheels. No lad, it stays bog standard!
    Had a good look over it today and its remarkably rust free considering its 25 years old.
    750cc, no brake servo, no power steering, no electric windows, no central locking, no ECU. Perfect. A proper peoples car!

    Adventure before dementia!!! Well, blow me down........ 294053457

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