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    My Sat Nav -


    Spain Female Posts : 12662
    Join date : 2011-08-14

    My Sat Nav -  Empty My Sat Nav -

    Post by Gypsy on Mon 19 Jan 2015 - 17:46

    I have a little satnav, It sits there in my car
    A satnav is a driver's friend, It tells you where you are.
    I have a little satnav, I've had it all my life
    It's better than the normal ones, My Satnav is my wife.

    It gives me full instructions, especially how to drive
    "It's sixty miles an hour", it says, "You're doing sixty five".
    It tells me when to stop and start, And when to use the brake
    And tells me that it's never ever, Safe to overtake.

    It tells me when a light is red, And when it goes to green
    It seems to know instinctively, Just when to intervene.
    It lists the vehicles just in front, And all those to the rear
    And taking this into account, It specifies my gear.

    I'm sure no other driver, Has so helpful a device
    For when we leave and lock the car, It still gives its advice.
    It fills me up with counselling, Each journey's pretty fraught
    So why don't I exchange it, And get a quieter sort?

    Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, Makes sure I'm properly fed
    It washes all my shirts and things, And keeps me warm in bed!
    Despite all these advantages, And my tendency to scoff,
    I only wish that now and then, I could turn the bugger off.

    Pam Ayres.......

    Ireland Male Posts : 22867
    Join date : 2011-08-30
    Age : 50
    Location : Ireland

    My Sat Nav -  Empty Re: My Sat Nav -

    Post by 3rdforum on Mon 19 Jan 2015 - 17:52

    My Sat Nav -  3025408739 My Sat Nav -  3025408739 My Sat Nav -  3318427985 My Sat Nav -  3318427985


    England Male Posts : 30367
    Join date : 2011-08-13
    Age : 66
    Location : England

    My Sat Nav -  Empty Re: My Sat Nav -

    Post by Mcqueen on Mon 19 Jan 2015 - 18:20

    I like her - a lot, and that Victoria wood, Bend me over backwards over a hostess trolly My Sat Nav -  3025408739

    Scotland Female Posts : 10364
    Join date : 2011-08-14
    Location : Scotland

    My Sat Nav -  Empty Re: My Sat Nav -

    Post by Mermaid on Mon 19 Jan 2015 - 21:08

    love it G

    Live life to the full now or it could be too late

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    My Sat Nav -  Empty Re: My Sat Nav -

    Post by Sponsored content

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