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    The PE teacher


    Spain Female Posts : 12688
    Join date : 2011-08-14

    The PE teacher

    Post by Gypsy on Sun 24 Aug 2014 - 18:41

    A blonde girl gets a job as a physical education teacher of 16 year olds.
    She notices a boy at the end of the field standing alone, while all the other kids are running around having fun, kicking a football.
    She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him.
    'You ok?' she asks.
    'Yes,' he replies.
    'You can go and play with the other kids, you know,' she says.
    'It's best I stay here,' he says.
    'Why's that, sweetie?' asks the blonde..
    The boy looks at her and says:
    "Because I'm the goal keeper 

    England Male Posts : 26396
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    Age : 64
    Location : England

    Re: The PE teacher

    Post by Mcqueen on Sun 24 Aug 2014 - 18:54

    Conjunctivits.com - thats a site for sore eyes.  

    Liechtenstein Male Posts : 13545
    Join date : 2011-08-15
    Age : 64
    Location : Cambs / Golf del Sur

    Re: The PE teacher

    Post by Perfectspecimen on Sun 24 Aug 2014 - 21:28

    Blonde jokes.  

    Adventure before dementia!!!
    Adam Mint

    Scotland Male Posts : 20849
    Join date : 2011-10-07
    Age : 53

    Re: The PE teacher

    Post by Adam Mint on Mon 25 Aug 2014 - 2:52


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    Re: The PE teacher

    Post by Sponsored content

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