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    The Midget


    Scotland Male Posts : 513
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    The Midget

    Post by BobMac on Mon 30 Dec 2013 - 13:58

    A man standing at a urinal notices that he's being watched by a midget.

    "Wow," comments the midget. "Those are the nicest balls I have ever seen!"

    Surprised and flattered, the man thanks the midget and continues to pee.

    Suddenly, the midget pulls up a step ladder right next to the urinal and says, "Listen, I know this is a rather strange request, but as they're so admirable, I wonder if I could take a closer look."

    Again the man is rather startled, but sees no real harm in it.

    Just then, the midget reaches out, gets a tight grip on the man's balls, and says, "OK, hand me your wallet, or I'll jump off the ladder!"


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    Re: The Midget

    Post by Mcqueen on Mon 30 Dec 2013 - 15:16


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    Re: The Midget

    Post by 3rdforum on Mon 30 Dec 2013 - 23:44

        another gud un Bob!   

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    Re: The Midget

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