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    Expat's Lament


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    Expat's Lament Empty Expat's Lament

    Post by BobMac on Tue 22 Oct 2013 - 14:57

    I was on Otago Street, Toronto, and I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read; 
    I Miss Glasgow
    So I broke the windscreen, took the radio, wrecked the car and left a note that read;
                          'I hope this helps cure your homesickness'

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    Adam Mint
    Adam Mint

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    Expat's Lament Empty Re: Expat's Lament

    Post by Adam Mint on Tue 22 Oct 2013 - 15:11

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    Workmate came back to his parked car to notice damaged rear lamp and surrounding bodywork, as he makes to get in he sees a note tucked under his windscreen wiper, thinking the person who has damaged his car has left contact details he reads the note:-

    "What a fu#king stupid place to park a car"...

    True story...

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