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    AIRPORT - Reduced Mobility Assistance


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    AIRPORT - Reduced Mobility Assistance  Empty AIRPORT - Reduced Mobility Assistance

    Post by Gypsy on Sat 13 Oct 2012 - 11:15

    This information is taken from a leaflet “Sin Barreras” available in Spanish and English at all Spanish airports. It is an overview of what is available and how to obtain assistance. The leaflet can be found at Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia airport by the “Sin Barreras” station near the departure gate number 1.

    Different disabilities by code:

    WCHC entirely immobile and not self sufficient. Must be accompanied to their seats and need complete personal assistance.

    WCHR help needed getting from the aircraft to the terminal. They can board and move around the aircraft on their own.

    WCHS help needed getting from the aircraft to the terminal and also for boarding. Are self sufficient on the aircraft.

    DEAF Deaf passengers

    BLND Passengers with visual disabilities

    How to get help:

    Request at least 48 hours before flight ie when booking flight. If not requested far enough in advance the quality of the service can not be guaranteed.
    Available by phoning 902 404 704 (within Spain) or by www.aena.es

    At a prearranged time go to the meeting point (it is a tall black sign displaying the disability avatars). Use the intercom and wait. You will be collected from the meeting point.

    You will be assisted and accompanied during check-in and security checkpoints until in your seat on the plane. You will be helped with luggage and personal needs.

    You will be helped to deplane and retrieve luggage. You will be accompanied to the airport meeting point (within Spain).

    If requested you are asked to evaluate the service given. Any complaints contact sinbarreras@aena.es

    For further information there is a Spanish phone number to contact 902 404 704.

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