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    Liverpool Empty Liverpool

    Post by Topdog on Thu 26 Apr 2012 - 23:16

    A Scouser inadvertently goes into a gay bar for a beer. He sits at the bar supping his pint when one gay gentleman decides to chance his luck. He approaches the scouser and whispers something into his ear, whereupon the Liverpudlian turns around in complete disgust and horror and proceeds to punch the living feck out of the homosexual, fist after fist punching him out the door, kicking him across the pub car park, relentlessly punching and kicking until the victim lay comatose. The Scouser then dusted himself down and calmly returned to his pint at the bar, whilst the horrified staff and clientele stood silent and motionless.Eventually, the barman plucks up the courage to ask what had happened:Barman: "Bloody hell mate. What on earth did he whisper to you?"Scouser: "Dunno, something about a "job"."
    Vera Lynn
    Vera Lynn

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    Liverpool Empty Re: Liverpool

    Post by Vera Lynn on Thu 26 Apr 2012 - 23:19

    Liverpool 2485877773 Liverpool 2485877773 Liverpool 2485877773 I seen him today, it must have been cold in liverpool as he had his hands in his own pockets...Liverpool 2485877773

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