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    One for Our Resident Leeds man.


    England Male Posts : 21471
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    Age : 58
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    One for Our Resident Leeds man.

    Post by Topdog on Wed 21 Mar 2012 - 23:14


    England Male Posts : 26206
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    Age : 64
    Location : England

    Re: One for Our Resident Leeds man.

    Post by Mcqueen on Thu 22 Mar 2012 - 7:48

    Well, That just sums it up, That is their culture, They cant help it, All smiles to your face, But when it suits they will stab you in the back, Trust me, Never trust them,

    Scotland Female Posts : 9092
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    Re: One for Our Resident Leeds man.

    Post by Mermaid on Thu 22 Mar 2012 - 9:10

    sign the back of the ticket and always check on line first

    Live life to the full now or it could be too late

    Ireland Male Posts : 20669
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    Re: One for Our Resident Leeds man.

    Post by 3rdforum on Thu 22 Mar 2012 - 9:49

    Mate of mine, his then girlfriend ( now missus) worked in a filling station in the spring of 1994. They had scratch cards that you got one free with every 20 pounds of fuel. Anyway, girlfriend wasn't allowed to enter the competition as she was an empolyee of the company, so she used to buy a card every now and then, and said if she won anything , she would put mate's name on it. She peeled off a ticket off the main roll one morning and was just about to scratch the cover, when a small boy came in with 20 quid to pay for Daddy's petrol. She gave the lad the ticket she had just peeled off the roll for herself. 2 minutes later, she was wondering what the commotion was outside on the forecourt. There was the boy and his dad jumping round the place. They won an all expenses paid trip for the entire family and friends ( up to 10 people ) to go to the world cup in the U.S.
    Girlfriend rang my mate at work and told him the news. "Doesn't matter" she said, "I don't like football anyway". My mate hung up on her. What he didn't call her afterwards isn't worth mentioning. He got no sympathy from his colleagues either. Oh, how we laughed!


    Liechtenstein Male Posts : 13530
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    Re: One for Our Resident Leeds man.

    Post by Perfectspecimen on Thu 22 Mar 2012 - 19:17

    Haha, its your friend Gupta Reg.

    Adventure before dementia!!!

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    Re: One for Our Resident Leeds man.

    Post by Sponsored content

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