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    Two drinks,,, feck off PaddY...

    Adam Mint
    Adam Mint

    Scotland Male Posts : 23105
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    Two drinks,,, feck off PaddY... Empty Two drinks,,, feck off PaddY...

    Post by Adam Mint Mon 14 Aug 2017 - 22:14


    I've just watched the Panorama program mentioned in above article, would seem out of the approx 150,000,000 people that fly from/to uk airports 387 are drunken arse holes, that's 0.000258%, basically feck all...

    Now I like need a drink pre flying, I ain't afraid of flying, it's the thought of dying that I ain't to to keen on...

    I arrive airport with plenty of time to spare, I know people who have missed flights, an expensive experience...

    Depending on time of day I ether have breakfast, lunch or dinner at airport, yip it's silly prices but I'd rather be there knowing I'm through checkin and security and can relax waiting for takeoff time...

    And yes I do take duty free drink on board, usually a couple small bottles of wine, not that they are any cheaper at the bars/cafes in airport, just it takes about a hour for the trolley dolly to come around...

    Two drinks,,, feck off PaddY... 1460810463  Two drinks,,, feck off PaddY... 1913075024  Two drinks,,, feck off PaddY... 1460810463

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