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    Getting a bit sick of this...

    Adam Mint
    Adam Mint

    Scotland Male Posts : 23105
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    Getting a bit sick of this... Empty Getting a bit sick of this...

    Post by Adam Mint Wed 25 Jan 2017 - 22:55

    Rape is rape but this is not...


    Think we had a thread where that footballer got done for a threesome where the woman decided in retrospect she'd changed her mind, think he got done then let off on appeal,,, this case sounds the same to me, pissed as fu#k up for it then oops, I didn't really want to do it,,, just wanted all the free booze you were buying me all night,,, sort it out, you want equality, then man up..........

    Liechtenstein Male Posts : 14454
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    Getting a bit sick of this... Empty Re: Getting a bit sick of this...

    Post by Perfectspecimen Thu 26 Jan 2017 - 0:39

    You seen that program What goes on in Kavos? Jeez, girls didnt behave like that when I was young, mores the pity. Dresses barely covering their tits and asses, and often no knickers to boot. Not that I'm complaining like. Getting a bit sick of this... 3025408739 One of my favourite pass times is sitting outside El Canon in Adeje with sausage man, pun intended watching the local totty passing by. Some are stunning. Sometimes I get admonished, no Vince shes about 12.  Getting a bit sick of this... 2419626307 Well, they sure didnt look like that when I was 12!

    Adventure before dementia!!! Getting a bit sick of this... 294053457

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